1) Applicability of the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions listed below apply to the website of Fotosedit. By using this website, you accept the terms of the business. Any provision of these terms and conditions may be altered at any time by Fotosedit.

Any of the services, such as background removal, clipping path, or high-end photo retouching, are available to the client. The Client accepts these terms and conditions when they place an order.

2) Closing the deal

The client must instruct Fotosedit to retouch images and provide any other required photo editing services. Once the order and price quote from Fotosedit are agreed upon by both parties, the contract will be enforced.

3) Payment Terms and Methods

Payment must be made in accordance with the agreed quotation that was sent to the Client by Fotosedit and must be in effect on the contract date. Both the estimate and the payment must be made in US dollars. When the Client receives the delivery and its invoice, payment is due immediately and without deduction.

MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal are the only forms of payment that the business may accept.

4) Offsetting of Services

The client cannot claim offsetting of services unless the company has acknowledged in writing that the client’s claims are legitimate. Offsetting is not possible in any other case.

5) Retention of title

The order that is delivered to the Client remains Fotosedit’s until all payments are paid in full.

6) Seal of Quality

At Fotosedit, we carry the greatest possible level of value to our clients, and regardless, of whether the last option isn’t happy with the last result, we will consider doing rectifications and changes for no extra payment. The client will advise the organization to record as a hard copy in the span of 2 endless supply of the request for any clear deformity made by post-handling the picture. Any claims for defects made after this time will be ignored.
Only if the delivery does not meet the technical requirements of image editing services will it be considered defective. Color variations are not considered defects. In addition, prior quality issues, such as a poor original file, shall not constitute a defect in the final delivery. When an order goes beyond the agreed-upon services, it is not considered defective. No defects that are not related to background removal may be claimed if the original instruction was to only remove the background.

7) Liability

Fotosedit is not responsible for damages that are out of its control, including but not limited to system failure, data transmission interruptions, and other disruptions to online communication. Only if it is established that Fotosedit was the primary cause of the damage will the company be held liable.

8) Client Obligations

The client is in charge of the content they send to Fotosedit. The latter shall reserve the right to reject orders that contain child pornography, discrimination based on race, violations of the rights of third parties, or other content that could result in punishment.

9) Copyrights

The images that are being sent to Fotosedit for photo retouching are presumed to be owned by the client. The latter is immune from any claims of infringement brought about by the use of the photos.


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