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It is now easier to create the perfect color combination. Use a color correction service to colorize your images and inspire more imagination in your viewers.

Keep your items in their original hue!

The most important aspect of selling products is demonstrating their original color. Do you know that just because a product doesn’t look exactly like it does in the pictures causes 22% of customers to return it? Use the color correction service to maintain your customers’ faith in your product.



Turn dull and boring images to life.

A basic color correction is where necessary adjustments are applied in order to make photos look brighter, more brilliant, or darker, depending on the requirements. By making minor adjustments, the goal is to preserve the subjects’ natural appearance. Using the following photo editing techniques, you can create attention-grabbing photos with our color correction service:

  • Brightness & contrast correction
  • Exposure & saturation enhancement
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Shadows removal
  • Sharpness & clarity work


Give lifeless photos new life with color. In order to improve the photos significantly, advanced color correction is used to achieve colors that appear more natural, recreate the best color, and bring out the details. Depending on where the photos are going to be used, it not only improves the quality of the pictures but also contributes to making a good impression on the photographer or the online seller. The following are examples of more advanced methods that are used:

  • Exposure & contrast adjustment
  • Green color correction
  • Color tones, brightness & highlights adjustment
  • Tints and shadows editing
  • Saturation & hue adjustment
  • White balance correction
  • Sharpness & clarity adjustment


Making products stand out is crucial in the retail industry. To improve a product’s appearance, it is common practice to alter or substitute colors. Additionally, it is less expensive than individually taking photos of the same product in various color variations. Services that change colors typically include:

  • Color balance/exposure/saturation adjustment
  • Tints and shadows editing
  • Sharpness & clarity adjustment
  • Black & white transformations
  • Clipping path & image masking


A person’s wedding is one of their most significant life events. Because of this, if you want your photos to last a lifetime, it’s important to make them look amazing. Because it will play a role in making the images come to life, the quality of the colors cannot be ignored. A portion of the strategies that are utilized to address colors in wedding photographs include:

  • White balance correction
  • Exposure & saturation enhancement
  • Clarity & sharpness work
  • Temperature & color balance adjustment
  • Basic skin retouching & skin tone adjustment
  • Background retouching


More appealing is jewelry with vibrant colors. Having excellent color combinations is the only way to entice customers to buy jewelry. With our jewelry color correction service, you can achieve this through the following techniques:

  • Contrast & brightness adjustment
  • Shadows & highlights adjustment
  • Saturation correction
  • Metal & diamond polishing
  • Background removal
  • Clipping path & image masking


Products must be vibrant while still appearing realistic. In comparison to a skilled photo editor, online photo coloring apps are unable to accurately reproduce true colors. The following methods can be used to make product images look lively and appealing:

  • Contrast/brightness adjustment
  • Fix tonal range
  • White balance adjustment
  • Exposure correction
  • Adding reflection or natural shadows
  • Background removal & clipping path

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