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Photos of jewelry for e-commerce and online stores need to catch the eye of your target customers and entice them to buy the jewelry. Our Team can make your precious jewelry stand out by applying advanced photo retouching techniques

Impress Your Customers With Stunning Edited Jewelry Photos.

Create a compelling brand story by making your jewelry products more appealing. Services for editing photos of jewelry make goods appear appealing, real, and of high quality. Therefore, if you want visitors to remember your brand’s story even after they leave your website, why not use professionally edited Jewelry product images?


Jewelry Background Removal

Impress your clients with professionally edited photos!

Images of jewelry ought to have a neutral background so as not to distract attention away from the main objects. We can choose a background that fits better than the one that was originally used. Mannequin removal is yet another service that we provide for jewelry retouching. Additionally, it also helps bring in spotlighting the jewels.

Our skilled photo retouches can make it stand out your jewelry more visible by isolating the piece from its background by:

  • Background clean-up & removal
  • Removing unwanted objects like the props
  • Eliminating unnecessary shadows/reflections
  • Changing the background to white or to a neutral color
  • Removing stains, scratches, and spots
  • Applying clipping path or image masking

High-End Jewelry Retouching

Photos of jewelry for e-commerce and online stores need to catch the eye of your target customers and entice them to buy the jewelry. By employing cutting-edge photo retouching methods, our high-end jewelry retouching service can make your precious jewelry stand out:

  • Background clean-up & removal
  • Color correction & enhancement
  • Digital image masking
  • Dust & scratch cleaning
  • Metal polishing, adding natural sparks
  • Diamond & stones recoloring
  • Fixing reflection, shadow, and shine
  • Contrast and brightness adjustments
  • Adding hallmark stamps
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Jewelry Shadow Creation

A piece of jewelry looks more dynamic and three-dimensional when it has shadows and reflections on it. Let us try our best to make your imaginative concept a reality. One of our specialties in photo editing is the addition of reflections or shadows. We will ensure that, even in photographs, your jewelry looks stunning and sophisticated.

  • Adding natural shadow
  • Adding reflection shadow or a mirror effect.
  • Adding drop shadow or 3D effect

Jewellry Color correction

We are prepared to change the color of a specific element or completely fix the coloring in your jewelry photos in less than 24 hours. If you took jewelry photos in poor lighting and now need to fix visible flaws, we’ll fix them and send you pictures with the right color, shadow, and brightness.

  • Tonal and white balance correction
  • Saturation and temperature adjustment
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • Image resize, noise reduction.
  • Photo Color Changing, Color Matching, etc.

Jewelry Photo Enhancement

By fixing the textures and giving the precious stones shine, we will make gemstones and jewels look better. Everything will be elegant, no matter how many things need to be improved.

  • Products like shoes, clothing, and jewelry photo retouching
  • Proportionate to the products
  • Color adjustment and retouching
  • Eliminates distractions and flaws
  • Adjusting background as per necessity

360 Degree Jewelry Editing

360-degree product shots of jewelry captivate us. It has one more degree of appeal to increment sees. The widely demanded 360-degree image editing that creates rotating, creative, and interactive images that engage more customers is available as part of our eCommerce jewelry product photo editing services.

What our 3D Spin service has to offer-

  • The necessary level of editing that matches the product
  • Any commercial product animation, gif editing
  • Color adjustment and retouching
  • Applicable for eCommerce sites, social platforms
  • Can be used in marketing, affiliate, and eCommerce

Amazon Jewelry Infographic Design

Our eCommerce photo editing services can help you create the best Amazon product infographic design. We ensure a compelling product infographic design by including every minute detail beneath our Amazon product infographics. With the goal that the final products assist you with creating deals!

What you get from our infographics about Amazon images-

  • Customized infographic design
  • Concepts built on products features
  • Statistic, Informative, List, and Animation infographics
  • Inclusion of charts, diagrams, and maps as per necessity

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We at Fotosedit care as much about maintaining our reputation as we do about your business. We collaborate closely to produce appealing product images with the quickest turnaround time.

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Fotosedit offers a wide range of photo retouching services, such as jewelry photo retouching, high-end retouching, portrait retouching, product photo retouching, body retouching, and more.

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